Mauritius Officially COVID-19 Free After Total Recoveries

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 12 – Mauritius has become coronavirus-free with no active case for 15 days, the country’s ministry of health said on Monday.

In a communique, the Ministry of Health and Wellness said that 73,572 COVID-19 tests have been carried out, including 50,077 Rapid Antigen Tests and 23 495 PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction).

It added that all 220 recently repatriated citizens from abroad were still under quarantine.

The island nation’s official COVID-19 page said 322 people had recovered out of the 332 confirmed cases so far. 10 people have since died.

With a population of 1.2 million people, Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs.

In Africa, Mauritius becomes the first country on the continent to become virus free, while Lesotho is the only country on the continent not to have recorded a case of COVID-19.

Mauritius is the second Africa country to have declared virus-free status after infection. Mauritania weeks ago reported full recoveries (6 recoveries and a death at the time), another infection was subsequently recorded.

May 11 marked the fifteenth consecutive day that no new case was recorded in the country. A lock down, however, remains in place to contain the possible spread of the virus.

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