Man wants to break-up with his girlfriend pestering him for marraige

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I have been dating this girl for almost a year now and things have been going smooth with us until recently. I just don’t know were the desperation for marriage came from. Now we barely have a normal conversation without the marriage issue coming up.

Though I don’t have a steady job per say, I am a business man and am able to make myself a good some of money every week which isn’t so bad. She is also working and makes around 60k every month. I have been telling her to relax a little bit so we can plan properly and get ourselves ready for the life time journey together, but she won’t listen.

Her own is that in her place once a girl has graduated from school everyone is expecting her to get married. She will even bring up issues of the young girls getting married in her church and she is the only single were she works even though she is actually the youngest in her office.

She is just 24 years of age and almost 25 so she keeps saying she set a deadline for herself to get married before 25. The worse part is that sometimes she tries to threaten me that so many guys are asking for her hand in marriage but she doesn’t want them, its me she wants.

This whole desperation is getting on my nerve and I really don’t want to rush into marriage because her people want her to get married. So am thinking of calling the relationship off so that she can go and marry one of those men she said is asking her hand in marriage and I will wish her all the best.

Just so you know, am not trying to be tribalistic here, she is Yoruba and said that’s how things are done in their culture so I don’t know if that’s true or she is just making all that up.

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