Man slept with lady 6 months ago, fiance discovers few days to the wedding.

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A man who slept with a ‘set to wed’ bride, leading to the groom almost cancelling the wedding has come out to tell his own side of the story.

Yesterday, Twitter was on fire with the story of a  ‘Set to wed Groom’ who is is giving up on his wedding after discovering that his Wife to be had sex a random guy.

According to Toochi, the friend of the culprit, who shared the story, it was only once she did it, But the Fiancee later saw their explicit messages, Which got him mad, and now he’s calling off their wedding, The Guy she actually slept with also called and begged the Fiancee but her has refused.

However, the man who slept with the bride to be has come out to set the records straight, saying the incident happened months ago and that the wedding still went ahead, contrary to what people believe.

The man, with Twitter handle @mrstepsup said:

“My friend @toochiamakor posted a story about the fiancé that almost called off his wedding,the story has since been exaggerated and I want to make somethings clear. First,I wasn’t a stranger to the lady,we were friends and I was at a bad place at the time,she was there,we got close and we did something we are not very proud of. We’ve remained friends since then.The wedding was was almost cancelled 6 months ago,not recently but it has been resolved. Now,I’ve read the comments on blogs and a lot of “holier than thou are making some very annoying comments. Nobody’s perfect,we make mistakes. What’s important is that we accept them and try to correct them. The mistake was putting it up on sm”

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