Man Born Without Pen!s Finally Has S*x At 45

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A man born without a pen!s has lost his virginity aged 45 thanks to a bionic manhood made from his own skin.

Andrew Wardle, from Manchester, had a £50,000 penile implant operation at University College Hospital London in June – but had to wait six weeks before he could have s*x for the first time.

After activating a button in his groin to pump up his ‘ridiculously big’ new pen!s, he lost his virginity to his girlfriend of six years Fedra Fabian as they prepared for a romantic getaway to Amsterdam.

‘Two days before we went away, it just happened,’ he told The Sun. ‘It was nice and natural and that’s how I wanted it to be.’

He said the s*x lasted for about half an hour and felt ‘fantastic’. Talking about his new manhood, he added: ‘I’m so pleased with it.’

Twenty-eight-year-old Fedra, from Hungary, said the s*x was ‘amazing’ and Andrew’s pen!s looks normal despite being inflated with saline fluid to make it erect.

She added: ‘It’s fantastic – no need to worry about viagra or getting old. He can do it when he’s drunk too!’

The bionic pen!s is fully rigged up to Andrew’s testicles, meaning it’s possible for the couple to have children.

The caterer, who was born with a condition called bladder exstrophy, said he will take a fertility test to see if they can conceive and they will adopt if he can’t.

After the operation in June, Andrew told MailOnline: ‘I’m very excited that I can move on now. But I think having s*x for the first time is more of a big deal for everyone else than it is for me.

‘I’ve spent 44 years without a pen!s and I’ve coped with not having s*x for all that time. It will take me a while to get in the swing of things.

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