Man beaten up for allegedly ‘stealing’ a young man’s manhood

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A few days ago, there was serious commotion at Baale community, Alpha beach, Lagos as a crowd descended on a middle-aged man and threatened to beat him to a pulp if he doesn’t return what he had taken from a young man in the community.

According to eyewitnesses, the strange man had rubbed a white handkerchief on the young man’s shoulder and the handkerchief had disappeared.  Thereafter, the young man, who is known as Oscar in the community(not real name), could not feel his man hood any longer.

After the youths in the area apprehended the strange man, Oscar reportedly went straight to his girlfriend to test his manhood. His girlfriend raised the alarm that his boyfriend’s manhood has stopped working.

Thereafter, the youths of the community descended on the strange man with serious beating and asked him to return Oscar’s manhood, threatening dire consequences.

Further reports emanating from the area indicate that Oscar had gotten his ‘manhood’ back and the man has been released.

The above story looks like a fictional nightmare rather than reality but the people of this community beleive it is real and serious.

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