Losing N12m Movie File Almost Cost Me My Life –Bose Alao

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2016 is a year Nigerian actress, Bose Alao, will not forget in a hurry as her N12m film project got lost. In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the actress noted that at that stage in her life, she almost died.

She said, “The lowest point of my career was when I shot a movie in 2016 and I lost the whole file, everything. This was a movie that had stars like Majid Michel form Ghana, Mercy Johnson, and other big stars.

I lost everything, including my weight as I was reduced to a size six from a size 10; however, life goes on. Before I detected that I had lost my files, I had sent the movies to about four countries for viewing but it was rejected because they were blank files. I did not have a backup.

“I cried my eyes out and it almost affected my marriage because I got angry easily so I snapped at my husband a lot. It was not about the N12m I lost but the stress that was attached to making the movie. I almost died during that period. I would advise my colleagues to always have a backup and never rely on any video editor.”

The mother of four, who once took to the Internet to let the world know that she was a victim of domestic violence, told Saturday Beats that it was a bygone issue she would not like to revisit when asked about that period of her life.

However, she was quick to speak about how she was able to overcome the situation. Alao told Saturday Beats that what saved her marriage was the therapy she got from a professional courtesy of one of her fans who paid for the sessions.

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