LCC Patrol Van Allegedly Speeds Off After Knocking Down Nursing Mother, Killing Baby(Graphic photo)

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 29 – A Patrol Van belonging to the Lekki Concession Company has reportedly knocked down a nursing mother, killing her baby in the process.

An eyewitness told Today’s Echo that the woman, named Mrs Adaobi Uligwe was on July 9, 2019, at about 5 PM knocked down by a Patrol Van belonging to Lekki Concession Company, while trying to arrest a Danfo bus at Elf bus stop in Lekki. She was at the bus stop waiting to board a bus going to her destination after the close of work when the unfortunate incident happened.

“Immediately she was knocked down, the baby strapped on her back flew out and landed her head on the stone, instantly her skull broken and her brain spilled on the road. The mother sustained deep injury but survived while the baby died instantly,” the eyewitness said.

Today’s Echo gathers that the Lekki Concession Company Patrol Van escaped from the scene, while the Mobile Police Man, who is attached to them was unlucky to escape with them, as he was being held by others who were at the bus stop when the reckless act happened.

The DPO of Maroko Police Station who was invited to arrest the situation, later released the Mobile Police officer who was the only suspect arrested and thereafter charged one Oluwafemi Ogidan, who ensure the Mopol didn’t escape to Court for assault and stealing of the gun belonging to the Mopol. And by implication abandoned the family who lost their only child.

Meanwhile Today’s Echo learnt that the baby was given birth to on July 10, 2018 and she is the only child of the parents who waited for 10 years before they gave birth to her. She died a day to her first year birthday. As we speak the family is in total disarray, with no hope of having a child again.

This tragedy has attracted attention to reckless driving on Lagos roads and the alarming rate of accidents along the Lekki-Epe express way. Both the family of the victims and concerned persons are seeking for justice.

The Lekki Concession should be made to pay huge damages for providing the platform, which masterminded the brutal and reckless killing of this innocent baby. The DPO of Maroko Police Station should also be investigated over his role in this issue, for shielding the Lekki Concession Company.

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