Ladies rocking nylon outfits: fashion or insanity?(photos)

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All in the name of fashion, Nigerian girls have brought about a new idea of dressing, though it seemed funny and also a way to flex and flaunt the new dress type socially.
It will be crazy of one’s thought to have seen a lady on the street, even in your compound to wear nylon as a clothing material to cover her unclothedness, not even a polythene bag this time, but the soft domestic nylon with a black strip design mixed with other colours, for packaging small items are worn by ladies to flaunt socially.

They pick up the nylons of the same type of designs, cut out the top part of the body, and the waist/down part of the body, some even cut out the head tie part, leaving them look bikini, though with underwears, due to the transparency of the nylon material.

However, it’s creative, cute on them, and quite funny for indoor games only, because a sane person would not wear such outdoor.

See pictures:

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