I was just screaming helplessly; Slay queen narrates the first time she squirted

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The lady with the Twitter handle ‘Mother confessor’, who narrated the story of two ladies dating the same guy in the same office and who recently declared she can become a sex doll for N800K has come out with another gist. This time, it’s downright raunchy and hilarious.

Mother Confessor has narrated how she had so much fun with a man who had sex with her. The story goes thus:

Let me post dis embarrassing story before I get carried away wiv chores. but y’all know som embarrassing stories r d funniest..As y’all knw,not evry girl squirts & I heard it makes men happy Wen a girl squirts,,This is d story of how I squirted for d 1st time.

So this happened 3yrs ago.. I had no experience but I always hear how some guys brag about making a girl squirt and I wanted to experience it but it never happened and I kinda gave up on it..

This particular day, i decided to get freaky, so we had sex,, I was wondering if this guy was super man cos he was strong and just diving me from different areas..The food I ate before we started got drained.. wow! Interesting.. uncle was just showing himself

He will pick me up, throw me on the couch, e go carry me again, throw for bed, haba! He was throwing me up & down as if I was paper.. it started getting interesting.. next thing he will carry my legs hang them, bend them, hold them,, fold them

I actually thought he was going to cripple me that day so we shall continued.. uncle no gree cum..35Mins don pass.. the next thing I started noticing my body was doing me somehow..there was this rush of pleasure, burst of light, energy I cudnt understand

I was just screaming helplessly ..haba..me? Screaming like a 5yrs old girl.. the next it felt like a tap was broken inside me and water was just forcing its way out.. ewo! I was so terrified I was wondering what’s was happening to me..it’s strange

Next thing uncle went to the bathroom..I looked down and the whole sheet was wet..wait, what? I didn’t know wat to do so I decided to hide it.. I put the pillow on it and I removed it and it was wet too ..I screamed ..then I sat on it to cover it

I was still dripping water oooo.. I didn’t know wat was happening to me or how to explain to uncle that my tap was broken and his bed was flooding .. I started thinking about this strange experience then I remembered Wen we were having sex

He was sweating under AC ooo ..then he used a white tower to clean his face and cleaned my body too.. yepa! Ewo I screamed..what has he done to me..what was in that white tower .. was it juju..has this guy done something to me.. I started crying..

So uncle came out from the bathroom and said go and clean up na..I replied i am fine..he was like how? Then I said something strange is happening to me.. I can’t control it..I’m dripping and it won’t stop..the more I drip, the more pleasurable it gets..

And ur sheet is wet..he was lik let me see and i stood up,, it was like I poured water on d bed.. I now asked him..what did u do to me.. what was in that white tower u used to clean my body.. he started laughing and it got more embarrassing for me

He said babe, there’s nothing I that tower, I didn’t do anything bad to u, all I did was make u squirt and u squirting all over my sheet.. I didn’t notice that squirting was the least of my problems cos my legs were Shaking and felt weak..

Next thing I tried standing up, I cudnt..I fell on the floor..my cry increased…ye! What have u done to me ooo, now I can’t walk too..he was like u will b fine just relax, if u can’t drive back home I will get u a cab.. I waited for 10mins

But my legs would not stop shaking..I was just thinking how I will get home and explain y I left the house with my two legs and got back home crawling on my … eventually the shaking reduced but I still felt water dripping from my body..my skirt was soaked

I was about to leave , I asked him for the tower he used in cleaning my body..he gave it to me and I put it in my bag..he was surprised..all my own is that whatever he used that tower for wil not work cos he wont be able to return it to d Baba that gave him

I got into the car and drove home..my skirt was wet so I tired scarf around my waist..I can not com and b explaining to any body at home y my skirt is wet everywhere…. I didn’t stop dripping till I had a shower and my body became normal

Later that evening I went to see a guy friend who’s a doctor and I told him..he was just laughing then he explained to me that wat I felt was normal and it doesn’t happen to every woman.. u see ehn..this guy now called me again that night to check up on me

I told him I was fine..he now said I sud com ova Wen it’s weekend..ehn! In my mind who sud com ova,so I wil burst Abi.. imagine just dripping water & Cumming anyhow?? Nooo I am not coming ooo..u see ehn ..I ran away ooo .. that was the first &last time we saw”

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