Juju scare: Woman caught picking used diapers, sanitary pad from dump site

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An elderly woman was Monday 9th July, caught picking and gathering used diapers and sanitary pads from a dumpsite at Egbu Road, in front of Government Technical College, Owerri, Imo state.

Ifeanyi Jude Osuoha, the man who came upon the woman, immediately raised alarm at what he called a suspicious move that only a person with sinister intent would carry out.

He further retrieved the items from her and set fire to them, with an admonishment on Nigerians, women especially to desist from disposing such privately used items like diapers, tampons and pads, condoms and even toilet papers, publicly.

He warned that the Devil is using every strategic means with his agents to unleash terror on unsuspecting public, hence one should be alert at all times and refrain from playing directly into the hands of the Devil.

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