Is Paternity Fraud Widespread in Nigeria?

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When a report asserting that 1 in 3 Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their children came out 3 years ago, many people were shocked. Several men rushed to the hospital to get DNA tests.

According to the report, Nigeria has the second highest rate of paternity fraud in the world; second only to Jamaica. The report came after Durex(condom) released a survey indicating that Nigerian women are the most promiscuous in the world.

Although it is hard to confirm or fault the report, incidences of false paternity id definitely on the increase in Nigeria.

A DNA test revealed that Christopher Johnson wasn’t the biological father of the three children he had nurtured and invested in for almost two decades.

The children, Esther, 19, Shirley, 17 and Stephen, 15, were born by the same mother who unfortunately was deceased. Christopher, a successful but retired architect, was compelled to find out the truth about the paternity of the children after a stranger turned up one day to claim he was their biological father and challenged him to a DNA paternity test.

Christopher received the shock of his life when the result proved that the stranger was indeed the children’s real father. It turned out that the man and his late wife had been involved in a long secret love affair that produced the three children he erroneously assumed belonged to him.

The above is just one of several emanating stories of false paternity.

DNA paternity tests are unraveling a lot of buried family secrets. Keeping family secrets isn’t as easy as it used to be and just one DNA test could change everything for better or for worse.

According to Mr Ayodele Ayodeji of Paternity Test Nigeria, there is one case of paternity fraud out of every four paternity test conducted at the centre.

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