I only wanted some fun: married woman narrates crazy encounter with young man

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A married woman has come online to share an unforgettable experience she had with someone outside her marraige, sparking feelings of guilt and she is wondering if she has gone too far. She is now seeking advise on how to end it. Read story below:

I am a married woman in my late thirties. I love my husband and my family but I have a serious problem. The problem I have is that my husband is always travelling for business. When he comes around,he hardly stays long when we make love. I dont know if its the stress or maybe he has lost interest. I try to talk to him and he says I should focus on other things,that s*x is not everything.

Anyway,I was at the mall two months ago and I had a flat tyre. A young man who came around shopping was there to help me. We exchanged numbers and since then,we have been chatting on whatsapp. Truth be told,I got carried away chatting with this guy cos the chats became flirty. For me,it was fun cos I was sort of getting the attention I was not getting from my hubby. I know I shouldn’t have gone to that extent but it didnt start out like this..it was innocent until it was no longer innocent. I confided in him about my frustrations in marriage and he was like I should myself busy which was a good idea since as a stay home mom,I actually could do more.

This young man encouraged me to do some modelling cos I have the figure. Initially I was shy but I took his advice,he set up the modelling shoot and I totally enjoyed taking some very nice photos. I think he thought I was attracted to him cos during one of the shoots,he tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. He thought I was being hard to get so he laughed and since that day he has been trying to toast me. I have decided to call off the friendship with him cos I told him I would never betray my husband even though I am not getting satisfaction from him.

The problem now is that even though I have told this man that its over,he keeps calling and texting me. I blocked his line but he went on my facebook messenger to start sending me messages. I also blocked him on facebook. He then tweeted at me that I can run but I cannot hide from him. What does that mean please?I am afraid that this man would do something and my husband may get to hear about it. I am really scared. I have never done anything like this and I feel a little guilt for leading this guy on. I feel like I should tell my husband before things get out of hand. I didnt do anything wrong but with what I have heard about stories of black mail,I feel I have better chances by telling my husband as against him finding out.

Please advice me. Do you think I should tell my husband or keep quiet? I only chatted with this guy,I didnt do anything wrong. Its ok if you decide to post this,I would also love to hear from others on what I should do.

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