I love money and good sex in a relationship: Huddah Monroe

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According to the controversial socialite, money and good sex are the key things for her in any relationship.
Huddah Monroe is again letting men know the things that attract her to them.
In a Snapchat post on Wednesday, April 25, the petite beauty stated the only things that draw her to a man are his money and bedroom skills. She even stated that other qualities such as the man’s personality, finesse and handsomeness are not of priority – those ones come after her love for money and the ability of the man to satisfy her on bed.
This will not be the first time that Huddah Monroe will make it known publicly of her love for money.
She has always stated her men have to have a heavy pocket for her to give up her goodies. She further stated matters like personality can be considered later.
No finance, no romance. Not too long ago, she introduced us to her newest lover who was all blinged up and appeared to own a fleet of expensive cars.

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