Hunter became hunted! Slay queen narrates amazing encounter with a group of Yoruba guys

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A slay queen with the twitter handle Motherconfessor @Jenniieey has narrated her interesting encounter with a group of Yoruba demons in a restaurant.

According to the vivacious twitter addict, the guys didn’t know that she understands Yoruba language and made a bet with one of them to collect her phone number. What happened next will shock any reader.

Read the story below:

We need to b careful in this Lagos oo.. some people look at u and think “oh, since u don’t look like yoruba, u can’t understand the language.. that’s how some guys played their penalty to throwing and I com help them play am go corner kick..ctnd reading

One evening after work I decided to hangout, went to a bar and ordered my favourite drink..Tonic water and lemon..these guys were sitting close to me..I was at table 6 and they were at 7. I noticed they will look at me and talk to themselves but i didn’t care

I was there for about phone rang thrice & I was just speaking English they thought I didn’t understand Yoruba.. one na said.. “Shey o ri bi omo yen se fresh, omo baby yi set gan” the other wan na said.. ” eru to gbe si eyin ye ni ko ko”

I ordered for another bottle..I was having fun already.. I still acted like I didn’t hear.. one na said.. if his partner can get my phone number , he wil give him 50k straight up.. I was just laughing.. so the bet was on..

After about 10mins..the guy now stood up and was behaving like he was looking for the thing he just hit my table, my glass fell and the drink spilled on me.. he was like “ so so sorry Miss, let me help u, next thing he brought out Handkerchief, and started cleaning my leg, well I was wearing a pencil skirt, he got to my laps and froze, he looked at me and I smiled..they he said sorry , I was just looking for the restroom.. the waiter came and cleaned d his mind, i don fall

Next thing he sat down and was speaking English with me.. apparently he forgot he was looking for d bathroom.. well we spoke for about 10mins then he introduced his friends and they waved..okay, I waved back..then he said they will b leaving soon & would love to have my number.. he was like wen he saw me he was speechless and he tod him friends he has found his perfect match and he wants me to be that missing part of him.. ehn’s a wawu story .. well I tod him I didn’t feel right giving him my number

I tod him I appreciate him but I’d like to b bros went back to his table..his friends wanted to faint..they were laughing.. 10mins later I was about leaving.. I walked to their table and greeted.. ” e ku ise ooo, se da a da ? Immediately they froze.

I now told them that everything they said from the beginning to the end..I one wants to smash yansh and pretend like he wants to find his missing waist abi na hips .. I now told them my mom is Yoruba but I don’t look Yoruba

As I was about leaving..they were still surprised tho.. i kinda used my bag to move the table and their drinks spilled and I was like oh, am so sorry, I brought out my handkerchief, and cleaned the trouser of the guy that came to my table slowly

I was cleaning so slow..the guys thought they were seeing something else.. I took my hands to his laps and watch his reaction.. he was like “*uck…* Then I was like “Ori gbo gbo yin lo daru” .. apparently I did same thing he did to me.. & I left them staring

See some of her tweets below:

Editor’s Note

I am a very optimistic person and usually believe most stories I am told even when they sound incredible. I once gave a presentation on creative writing where I talked about a genre called ‘Twitter fiction’ I couldn’t find an example then

I think I have just found the example I was looking for. It is the story above!–


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