Hospital in Ogun Contaminated After Unknowingly Treating COVID-19 Patient

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SWITZERLAND, APRIL 26 – In normal times, hospitals are places of healing. However, hospitals are emerging as the hotspots of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria with as many as between 15-20 hospitals already contaminated for knowingly or unknowingly treating COVID-19 patients.

Another hospital, Ace Medicare in Ota, Ogun State has been shutdown after it unknowingly admitted a patient who later tested positive for COVID-19 and allegedly died in the hospital. Professor Sheriff Folarin of Covenant University brought this story to light on Saturday with a post on Facebook after an unnamed staff of the clinic confided in him about what had happened there.

Update on Alleged COVID-19 Case at old Medicare Hospital, Ota (Ogun State).

The professor wrote:

“A suspected covid-19 case admitted at the Old Medicare Hospital. Unfortunately, the patient died and the hospital was allegedly shut down. The head of admin, asked all the staff in the infected old branch to migrate to the new branch beside Canaanland on the grounds that they would not get paid if they didn’t go to work. This act, i believe, would further spread the virus. Also, the head of admin refused to supply non-clinical staff face masks. Both branches need to be shut down. They don’t care about human security. What matters to them is how to maximise profit and minimise cost. Residents from Canaanland should not visit them for now. We have a community to protect.

“When the head of admin got to hear that the info on the suspected covid-19 case in their hospital had been circulated, she warned her staff against divulging such info. Before now she vehemently refused that non-clinical staff got supplies of face masks from their pharmacy. She claimed that it was an unnecessary cost and that they should make use of an imitation, fashioned from paper towels (toilet roll) and elastic bands (popularly called rubber band)”.

After multiple requests from his followers to get to the root of the matter, Pro Folarin promised to speak to the hospital management and give an update later. After a few hours, true to his words, the honourable professor posted an update on facebook:

Update on Ace Medicare Hospital CVD-19 Case: Conversation with CMD

Minutes ago, I concluded a lengthy phone conversation with Dr. Kukoyi, the Chief Medical Director of Medicare Hospital, Sango Ota. He was professional, honest and detailed in his narration of the alleged COVID-19 case at their old facility in Oju-Ore, Ota.

Here are his remarks:

“There was a case of a patient who came around and did not disclose his true medical condition. We attended to him, but because we were fully prepared for any eventuality at this peculiar time, we acted with precaution. We suspected he was having something more than what he complained about, because he exhibited some symptoms of COVID-19. So we placed the patient in our isolation room.

“We acted fast enough by calling the State Epidemiologist in Abeokuta, who arrived with his team promptly. Samples were taken and it turned out days ago that the man was COVID-19 positive. The State Ministry of Health had to evacuate the patient.

“Thereafter, we did the needful, fumigating and disinfecting the facility. The doctor who had direct contact with the patient has been quarantined. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. It’s a dangerous time and we the health professionals are the most exposed. But hindsight is important in handling any case, the way we have done. The same day, there were two other cases at the state hospital and at another clinic after Iju. We have done a press release and I will share a copy with you.”

Today’s ECho gathers that the hospital management has broke its silence on the issue and released a statement where it stated that indeed, it unknowingly treated a COVID-19 case and its facility has been shut down for decontamination.

Below is the press release from Ace Medicare Hospital:

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