Hitler’s bell still rings in German town

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A vote over whether a bell honouring Nazi leader Adolf Hitler should be allowed to stay in a church tower must be repeated, said the mayor of the German town of Herxheim am Berg.

Georg Welker said Wednesday that it had to be repeated due to a technical error: He had neglected to put up for a separate vote on Monday in the town council whether the bell vote should be secret.

The date for the repeat vote is March 12.

On Monday, the town council voted 10-3 in a secret ballot to allow the bell, which dates to 1934 and bears the inscription “Everything for the Fatherland – Adolf Hitler,” to hang in the church in the southern community.

The bell split the town during 2017, with one side arguing that its existence was offensive, while others argued it was pointless to try to ignore the town’s history.(dpa/NAN)

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