Fuel scarcity leads to traffic gridlock at Ajah. Motorists cry out in hardship

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There seems to be no end in sight to the suffering of Lagosians as the ongoing fuel scarcity worsens. The current crisis has precipitated other crises that have led to more hardship. One such problems is the traffic gridlock faced by motorists at Ajah round about along the Lekki-Epe expressway.

A look at events on social media indicates that Ajah is currently trending on twitter. For the past three days, traffic has been at a standstill around the popular junction.

When Today’s Echo visited the scene, there was heavy traffic on the Ajah bridge, facing Lekki. The traffic from Addo-Langbasa road, coming into the Lekki-Epe expressway was also at a standstill as motorists groaned in hardship.

Some residents of Ajah told us that the traffic gridlock was caused by long, stationary queues at two petrol stations selling fuel at the Ajah round-about. The long line of cars have blocked a large section of the road and made it impassable.

One could only be able to understand what the people at Ajah are facing when Mr Tolani(not his real name) told Today’s Echo that even though he lives in far away Ikorodu and works at Lekki, he has been getting to the office ahead of people living at Ajah, which is closer to Lekki.

The crisis at Ajah is also precipitating another crisis in the Lekki area for household who rely on water supply from tankers coming from Ajah. Mr Sunday(not real name), who lives at Atlantic view estate around Alpha beach area lamented that he has not been supplied water for the past three days as the tanker drivers complain of not been able to pass through.

People have taken to the social media to describe their ordeals on the Ajh axis and we have a few twitter posts to share below:

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