FRSC Denies Extorting New Intakes, Accuses Nairaland of Unsubstantiated Allegations

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 17 – The Federal Road Safety Corps has denied accusations that it is extorting new intakes while accusing popular Nigerian online forum, Nairaland of ‘Unsubstantiated Allegations’.

In a statement issued by the Corps Public Education Officer, Bisi Kazeem , and published on it’s verified Twitter handle( @FRSCNigeria), the FRSC said the allegations were not only unfounded, sensational and seditious, but the imagination of the writer who displayed crash ignorance about the operations of the FRSC.

The FRSC also insisted that the exercises which led to the final selection of the successful candidates were “therefore not only open and transparent, but followed the due process.”

In report on the popular Nigerian online forum, Nairaland, an FRSC new intake had narrated a nasty ordeal during training and accused Corp marshal Boboye Oyeyemi of monumental fraud practices.

An excerpt from the nairaland report

” They were employed into Federal Road Safety Coprs under the officer cadre around December 2018, upon resumption at the camp on 9th January 2019, they were greeted with frivolous extortions ranging from payment for oath forms, hand outs, uniforms and name tags. They were made to pay for virtually everything down to photocopy of documents from FRSC headquarter that are normally supposed to be given to them free of charge, this shameful act of extortion calls for serious concern as to whether neccessary provisions of adequate funds were not made by the Federal Government.

the peak of this currupt practices by the corp marshal is the compulsory openning of salary account with a microfinance bank called “safeline” owned by Boboye Oyeyemi and his fellow top ranking FRSC senior officers. A bank with meager capital base, no working ATM card, no known branch aside the only existing one in Abuja. this act of regimental robbery and several others gives one reasons to wonder why a man saddled with the responsibility of moving an organisation forward will decide to run it aground by subjecting the staffs to untold hardship and enrich his pocket.

while sister agents like Nigeria Immigration service paid up to 950, 000 naira as training allowance to the newly commissioned officers , Federal Road Safety Corp on the other hand paid a paltry sum of 59, 000 naira to their newly commissioned officers as training allowance for six months.”

Read FRSC’s full rejoinder below:


The attention of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has been drawn to a publication in the icirnigeria an online publication which is similar to the earlier published nairaland’s own titled “Federal Road Safety Corps new Intake Narrates her Ordeal in FRSC Training, Accuses Corps Marshal Boboye Oyeyemi of Monumental Fraud Practice ”

While the FRSC as a reputable regimental organisation in Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of road traffic management and safety administration could have easily ignored the trash contained in the said publication, we are constrained by need for public clarity to respond once again to the wild allegations, at least to clear the air and assure our numerous stakeholders of the true state of things in the Corps.

Let me state without mincing words that the allegations were not only unfounded, sensational and seditious, but the imagination of the writer who displayed crash ignorance about the operations of the FRSC.

Those that know and deal with the Corps would readily tell anyone that the brassy, audacious, sensational and defamatory story as carried in the said publication was a fabrication that cannot be authenticated, but since the allegations are in public domain, we must state the facts as clearly as they are.

For a start, the story was not only written in bad taste, it lacked the basic elements of balance as there was no time that the writer sought any form of balance clarification, asked relevant questions or crosschecked the facts from us before going into the public, thus betraying the original intention of the hatch work which was to damage the reputation of the FRSC and its leadership.

For the interest of those that might not have known, the last Presidential approval upon which the recruitment exercise was publicly carried out was in furtherance of President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to strengthening the staff capacity needs of the Corps for improved service delivery.

The exercises which led to the final selection of the successful candidates were therefore not only open and transparent, but followed the due process. In line with the FRSC’s laid down training procedures for new staff, the selected officers went through the basic training programmes at the FRSC Academy, Udi Enugu state where they were subjected to intellectual, physical and psychological trainings in road traffic management. In the course of the program, the cadets were not only adequately catered for in terms of feeding, provision of uniform materials, medicament and other welfare services as provided for, but given quality training comparable to their counterparts in other paramilitary organisations. There’s therefore, no way that any of the participants in the training would have gotten the course to accuse the management of any form of malpractices, shortcomings or shortchanging as allegedly insinuated in the fake story.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Federal Road Safety Corps under the leadership of the Corps Marshal, Dr Boboye Oyeyemi, has thrived on the ingredients of due process, transparency, discipline and wholehearted commitment to President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration’s position on the fight against corruption.This is evident in the transparent manner in which the recruitment exercise was carried out leading to the the six months regimental training that was highly rated and adjudged by participants and members of the public alike as one of the best organised officers’ trainings in the Corps in recent time.

On the allegation that the Corps Marshal and Management of FRSC compelled the newly trained staff to open an account with Safeline Microfinance Bank, nothing could be further from the truth. For the avoidance of doubts, Safe line Microfinance Bank is owned largely by staff of the FRSC who subscribed to its shares through voluntary decision of theirs. While all staff including the new ones are encouraged to open and maintain account with the Bank and subscribe to its share, such transactions are made optional and without compulsion.

For the benefits of those in doubt, its ownership structure reflects staff’s investment in it whereby FRSC Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited owns 10.48% of the total shares; FRSC staff own 81.23% of the total shares of the Bank and the remaining 8.29% of the shares is owned by other individuals some of whom are Directors of the Bank in line with the laws governing the management of such Institutions.

Let me restate that from the the FRSC’s strict commitment to due process, openness in its operations and unwavering adherence to transparency, it would be impossible for the Corps under the leadership of the Corps Marshal, Dr Boboye Oyeyemi to allow the wild allegations made in the publication to have occurred. That can only happen in the wildest dreams of those bent on causing public disaffection in the Corps using media houses in their evil plans.

We therefore, enjoin members of the public to totally disregard the unsubstantiated allegations made in the Nairaland online publication and other pliable media houses as part of the orchestrated media campaigns to damage the reputation of the FRSC and bring its leadership to disrepute.

CC Bisi Kazeem, fsi,

Corps Public Education Officer

For: Corps Marshal, FRSC

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