Flooding: Lokoja residents flee as water level rises

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esidents of Lokoja whose houses are close to the River Lokoja banks and also the Mimi River have been evacuating their properties in response to calls from the Police and concerned Environmental Authorities.

Information reached residents that the Lagdo Dam has been opened and latest Saturday, no one should be within properties 80m away from the banks of the river as the water level rises daily and eventually swallow up bungalows and fences, churches, etc within reach, causing loss of properties and sometimes lives.

The flood level at the Adankolo area of the Kogi state Capital keeps rising daily and residents are advised to leave any region within the red zone.

Over 600 families are going to be displaced, as well as Hundreds of students of the Federal University, Adankolo Campus living off campus.

Reports are still on a speculatoty level about how many more dams would-be opened soon. Amidst all these, Residents attest to the fact the Government is assisting affected person’s with the sum of 10000naira.

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