Five trendy ways to style your jeans to work: By Bola

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Choosing the appropriate dress to wear to work in a new week could be burden to many people. The workplace and environment are always a factor to consider when choosing clothes for the new week.

Some workplaces allows you to rock your casuals while others are quite strict and only approve of corporate outfits.

Here are five tips to rock your jeans stylishly and professionally.

  1. Throw on a blazer

A blazer can transform any look into a professional one so brighten up your jeans with a light or dark coloured blazer.

2. Tuck it in

Nothing stays formal than a perfectly tucked in shirt on a skirt or a pair of jeans and then throw on a belt and a corporate shoe.

3. Go dark

It is best to save your dark jeans for office use and the light jeans for fun days as dark jeans are more appropriate for work as they appear to be conservative.

4. Wear dressy shoes

Shoes like heels can boost up your look and confidence.

5. Wear classy cuts

Try wide-legged or boot-leg cut jeans.


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