First time I toasted a girl: young man narrates an unforgettable experience

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A young man has narrated a chilling and interesting tale about his first experience wooing a lady. The story was posted on online forum, nairaland.

Read below:

I wz drinking with my guy called ojoto,we
re gisting abt so many things and we re
laughing like mad people in the market
square,soon one pretty damsel pass
infront of us and i wz lost in her
hot,beautiful and sexy body.i started
moping at her like a morron.i wz tempted
to talk to her but i dnt knw how to
approach her in the first place. Ojoto
notice my mood… OJOTO:hey igwe! Are u
okay? ME:*i regain myself immediately*

OJOTO:na dat babe wey pass us now,na
im make u got lost abi na wat? ME:my guy
i don dey fall for her but i no get the liver
to talk to her oooo.s–t!my guy help me
now.. OJOTO:wat do u want me to do?

ME:code her for me. OJOTO:again! Guy i
no fit do am.u don mature enough to toast
babe dis ur age,u no sabi how to
toast babe….shame on u! ME:u be my padi
naw abeg,do am for me. OJOTO:wetin i go
do na to call am for u but i wouldnt toast
her for u oooo! ME:guy u want to disgrace
me? U knw say i never try am for my u say so,no problem,call am for me
naw*ojoto mind started beating like
MTN transformer.i wz lost in thought abt
wat to tell her.a kind of sweat dat wz
guishing out of my body can be use to
make tea…my blood is very hot in dat
minute.all my body wz just vibrating*wat
will i do if dis girl finally land here?hw will i
convince her?hw wil i go abt it*my brain
wz just shaking as if they are frying pop-
corn on my head*gush! God plz help me

i wz restless in my mind on how
i will toast the babe.10mins later,ojoto
came back but he is not with the
spirit calmed down,i thought maybe he is
unable to convince the girl to come. ME:*in
a low tone*where is she? OJOTO:igwe be a
man,u re matured enough to stand boldly
and talk to any girl of ur choice.guy cheer
up.she will soon be here*cold started
catching me again.i wz just shivering like a
fowl that has mind started
beating again.ojoto notice my mood and
how am sweating*igwe no fall ur hand woman wey she be,she no fit harm
u.see as u dey sweat like christmas
goat,igwe high bp go do u oo. Just be bold
and look into her eye straight,eyeball to
eyeball and talk sense into her.if u feel shy
in her present,she will regard u as a kid
and will not listen to anytin dat come out
of ur mouth.wetin matter for wey girl dey
na boldness and cheer up and
behave like a guy. ME:*i wz little relieve*

wat is stil holding her naw…my guy u don
ginger my swagger. OJOTO:i knw but no
fall my hand ooo. ME:trust me and see
how i will code her like a professional
woman fisher*we continue with our
drinks,as we were gisting and laughing,i
looked back and i sight her coming frm
our back.a kind of bell wey ring for my
head na those bell that is been rang in the
church when CHRIST resurrected.i started
feeling headache immediately.she finally
reach our table and she sat down*
OJOTO:babe welcome*she responded
witout smiling* ME:*my God this girl no
dey laugh ooo.wahala dey today. God
ojoto left immediately leaving only me and the


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