Finally! Sex dolls that can cook, clean efficiently will be available by 2019

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According to reports, tech companies that are producing realistic sex robots are trying to reach the next level in creating sex robots that can cook and clean. The company spokesperson says the cooking and cleaning sex robots can be available for purchase as soon as 2019.


In recent months, Sex Robots have become a very hot topic, both criticized and praised. Many think sex robots will have a negative impact on society and sex life, as people may choose sex robots over actual people.

With many people on Twitter making jokes about how sex robots cannot cook and clean, unfortunately for them, cleaning and cooking sex robots is already happening.


Jan Kunchai, an engineer at RealBotix says “I’ve dated around six women in my entire life and all six cheated on me, I’m six for six like Jordan. Anyways I thought it would be a good idea to create a robot that can cook and clean so I don’t have to get cheated on anymore, the next step would probably be a sex robot that can reproduce”.


Although a sex robot that can cook and clean efficiently seems like a very difficult task, company engineers say they can be here by 2019.

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