Exclusive: Jowi Zaza, the mysterious millionaire who is younger and richer than Hushpuppi

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This is Jowi Zaza, one of the youngest moneybags in the country. He is reportedly worth hundreds of millions of naira and is younger than 35! Although he has largely been silent, enjoying his wealth beyond the prying eyes of bloggers and journalists, Today’s Echo has discovered a few things about him.

Jowi Zaza drives the latest, sleekest of cars and hangs around in the poshest places. You will always find him lounging and hanging out in places like the Al Jumeirah in Dubai, the Red-light district in Amsterdam, New York, the Caribbean, London, Turkey, and a host of others.

Investigations reveal that he lives in a mansion at Chevron drive in the Lekki area of Lagos. His mansion is well equipped with state of the art swimming pools and lined with several sleek cars. He also shops for luxury goods, including labels like Gucci, Zara, and Louis Vuiton.

Jowi Zaza is reportedly younger and richer than popular Gucci ambassador, Hushpuppi, who likes to flaunt his wealth on social media.

Although, his source of wealth has not been verified, he is reported to own an oil company. He did not specify his occupation on his Facebook profile, which indicates, ‘self-employed’.

Jowi Zaza is a graduate of Madonna University.

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