Even while coping with cancer, Banky W helped others cope

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Yesterday, popular actor, musician, producer and CEO of EME, Bankole Wellington also known as Banky W shared pictures of him recovering after surgery on his shoulder for a rare skin cancer.

Now Today’s Echo reveals that even while battling his skin cancer, Banky W was helping others cope.

Recall that about a month ago, precisely on Oct 11, a guy named Akin, shared his experience about her female friend who was dying of cancer and her friends thought listening to Banky W’s music would help her morale. The music star did not hesitate, he obeyed the invitation and was soon at the patient’s home, serenading her with soothing lyrics. He even showed up with a cake.

Banky W had reacted to the guy’s Twitter post, saying:

“Excuse my language, but f—k you Cancer, f…k you”

Although the woman later died, her friends and family were glad that the singer took out time to support her.

Now we know why Banky W was angry, his anger was directed at the debilitating disease, which he must have been battling with at that time.

Not many people would have remembered that Banky W and that dying woman shared common grounds in their battle against cancer.

Even while coping with cancer, Banky W helped others cope

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