Emmanuel Adebayor shares grass to grace story

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Togolese forward and former African footballer of the year, Emmanuel Adebayor has just shared a grass to grace story where he compared the house he used to live before to the mansion he resides now.

He took to instagram to share the news and encourage his fans that if he can do it, they can do it too.

”SEA, when I was growing up, we lived in rental homes; the most recent one I remember cost about $40 a month; and even that we struggled to pay at the end of the month (see picture #3)…Today I look back and I feel proud of what I have accomplished. This is not a message to tell you « I have made it », but rather to say « You can do it too !». All you need to do is believing in yourself and keep working even when no one is watching. Also I need your advice, should I build this next project or no? Tag a friend who needs to see this”, he wrote to his 921,000 followers.

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