Edo woman finds strange object in new bra (video)

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A woman from the South South part of Nigeria, has raised alarm after finding a duplicated very strange object stuffed inside the pads of a brassiere.

The woman who took to the social media to show the world what has left her dumbfounded, pointed out that she had just bought the bra off-the-rack in Benin City and was feeling the padded area with her hands when she noticed the weird texture.

Out of curiosity and recollection of an advice she hitherto got from an acquaintance, she went ahead to tear open the pad with a blade only to discover three nuts submerged in a liquid content and wrapped in a transparent nylon.

Admonishing women, she said people should inculcate the habit of checking the clothing they buy especially under wears, so as not to fall victims to the evil ploys of never-do-wells whose mission is to destroy the world.

See video:


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