Devoted girlfriend dies after swallowing 4 bags Of partner’s cocaine to protect him

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The mother of a popular beautician who died after swallowing her boyfriend’s cocaine stash left a courtroom in tears as she slammed the ‘coward’ in an emotional statement.

Teenager Georgia Cassidy was trying to protect partner Alan Nolan, 22, when police pulled them over in February.

In a panic, she knocked back four wraps of the Class A substance in an attempt to hide the stash.

Officers did not see anything suspicious and the former Royal Navy weapons engineer was allowed to drive away in his Ford Fiesta, reports the Liverpool Echo.

But 19-year-old Georgia started to fit after the bags tore inside her stomach, yet Nolan took an hour to seek medical help, later claiming that he “panicked”.

Georgia was left brain damaged and died from cocaine toxicity three days later at Aintree Hospital, in Liverpool.

The heartbroken family told the court that the death of their “beautiful only child” left a “gaping hole in their hearts”.

Mum Joanne and dad Karl donated Georgia’s organs, which have “already saved lives”.

An inquest into the former All Saints Catholic School pupil’s tragic passing, on February 14 this year, recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Her ex-boyfriend Nolan was found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court for possession of Class A drugs but walked free from court.

The labourer, who had no previous convictions, was sentenced to 16 months in custody suspended for 18 months with an additional 300 hours community service.

Georgia’s sobbing mum, Joanne Cassidy, read out a heart-rending statement in court, criticising Nolan for his part in the tragedy.

Mrs Cassidy stood in the witness box, with husband Karl by her side who comforted her as she paused to hold back tears.

At one point her voice began to break and Mr Cassidy held his wife’s arm and offered to read the remainder of her statement, but she summoned up the courage to carry on.

Nolan wept in the dock as she read out the statement which left the entire courtroom in tears

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