Depression: Nairaland user lists three things that can make men and women break down

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It is season of depression in the Nigerian entertainment industry. First it was Harrysong, then Samklef and now Nigerian born American rapper, Wale is screaming out in pain.

Medical News Today says depression is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood and a feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is a persistent problem, not a passing one, lasting on average 6 to 8 months.

It is surprising that many young people who have successful careers and are living affluent lifestyles are falling into depression.

During a discussion on Wale’s depression, a member of the popular online forum, Nairaland with the username Franchasng has listed three things each that couls make a young man and young woman depressed

As a man, three things can make you break down: 

1.) when u are financially broke and everything u try to do to make money fails, it can break any man

2.) when u think u are a handsome rich guy that owns the world and one useless mgbeke u managed to love come break your heart by leaving u to sleep with one broke ass dude that’s totally below your class, mhen, it can kill a man

3.) when u are busy training a child and giving him or her the best of life u can offer as a wonderful daddy, and along the line, 10 years later, you discover that you are not the biological father of the child u took care as your own blood; your wife cheated on u and got impregnated by another man, probably her ex, her colleague or her business partner, ah ah, this can make any man go yonder

Then as a lady:

1.) when u think u are a hot beautiful lady and everybody including your friends tells u that and then u are approaching 35yrs and no serious man in your life, no solid love life, no foreseeable one coming and your ugly mates and friends are getting married to amazing men and building happy homes, it can make any lady to commit suicide

2.) you love a guy, you try everything u can for him to notice u, he isn’t noticing u at all…he is busy carrying different girls u know u are finer than and classier than yet he keeps treating u like poo, this can break any lady no matter her class

3.) as a lady, u are fine, you have sexy shape, u don’t demand money or stuff from guys, u treat them well yet, they treat u like thrash; they form lovey dovey to get u, once u agree, they sleep with u left right center, and the next thing, they dump u like hot akara, and u keep seeing them balling big and rolling with hotter chicks without sending you…you try to forgive and forget and move on, then another nice guy with all the qualities u dream of come again, again, he gets u to open your legs, he pounds u harder harder, u scream, next, he is nowhere to be found…he stops calling, picks your call seldom, ah, this is why many ladies kill somebody o…some have turned man hater because of this life cycle….sister, take it to God in prayer…he can do all things

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