Dating one man for long is boring: Ghanaian slay queen

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Ghanaian slay queen, Maame Afiba Bessa has revealed that she gets bored dating one man for a long time.

In one of her tweets, she said:

“The way I get bored dating one man for long. I really can’t even see myself getting with a man who doesn’t keep me intrigued and makes me laugh till I cry. That’s how soon the way you breathe will even start pissing me off,” she had tweeted.

Most, in a fit of anger, said she would never get married. Others called her grim names not fit for publication. However, a dig into her background reveals that she has a medical condition that may be interfering with her show of affection, love and trust.

“A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GAD. For those of you who don’t know, GAD is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Upon speaking to someone, I found out my childhood memories of constant fear plays a massive part in it,” she had posted October of last year on her wall.

She continued :

“I did not have an easy childhood growing up and for people closest to me I have always opened up about that and also enduring sexual abuse as a child. I’ve always had this fear factor in life , so much so that when things were going right in my life, I was ready for bad things to happen because I always have this mental picture that whatever was going right in my life won’t last. I will worry daily about something I thought will happen, beat myself about it and cry over it.

“I will isolate myself from people who loved me sometimes and get angry at the least thing because behind closed doors, I was battling this thing that I knew existed but was too ashamed to admit or talk about. For many years, it had such a negative impact over my livelihood,” she added.

It is often said that a book should not be judged by its cover. This Ghanaian girl who lives in Barcelona, Spain, is a classic case.

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