Covenant University student wins school in court, accuses registrar of sleeping with students

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Twitter was on fire yesterday as a user with the handle, dakskingod narrated how he was unjustly expelled from Covenant University and won the school in court with Femi Falana as his lawyer

The Covenant University student said he was framed up and expelled after spending 5 years in school but he took the institution to court and won. Now, he’s exposing a lot of things and people.

In a thread which has now been taken down,the man whose real name is Adooh Emmanuel revealed that he was expelled after he was done writing his final exams and his project. Everyone told him he couldn’t win the case in court because others before him have tried and lost. The school also allegedly boasted of the same thing.

Subsequently, his father involved SAN Falana and they were able to win in court.

Afterwards, he took to Twitter to expose things going on in the institution. He even called names and exposed the Twitter handle of one of them. He, however, mentioned that Bishop Oyedepo has nothing to do with the corruption going on there, instead, it is the fault of the people he left in charge.

Though he deleted his tweets, stating that his sister asked him to, we have photos of his story below:

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