Colorado: The Dangerous, Convulsion-Inducing Drug Destroying Nigerian Youths(Disturbing Videos)

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SWITZERLAND, JANUARY 16 – Drug abuse among young Nigerians has reached alarming levels with the endemic use of dangerous drugs like Codeine, Tramadol, Refnol, and various strains of Marijuana. Now the situation has reached a dangerous stage with the growing use of Synthetic marijuana, known as Black Mamba, or Colorado.  

Today’s Echo gathers that Colorado is a drug made from a synthetic plant. It contains heavy metals and is usually laced with chemicals not suitable for human consumption. Colorado’ is a quite deadly drug known to cause hallucinations, convulsions and kidney failure.

It is a collection of man-made chemicals that mimics the effect of marijuana and are sprayed on dried herbs or similar substances, wrapped in brightly coloured packs and sold as an alternative to marijuana that is both ‘legal’ and more potent.

Several disturbing photos and videos have recently emerged on Twitter purportedly depicting young Nigerians that have smoked Colorado, displaying various forms of madness. Some are seen rolling on the floor screaming while some are shaking on a single spot.

One Twitter user describes it thus:

“It will get you high and induce retching, loss of consciousness & irregular breathing. Colorado is a deadly drug, don’t do it.”

Just how widespread is the use of Colorado in Nigeria? It is difficult to get the exact statistics. However, with its rising mention on the streets and the growing number of images of consumers emanating on social media, Colorado may be fast displacing Codeine as the most popular abused drug among Nigerian youths.

In a video which was originally shared on Instagram in May 2019, a young man called White is seen acting out and screaming before a group of friends grab hold of him. He is alleged to have experimented with Colorado.

See more disturbing videos below:

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