Is Chevy View Estate the new hotspot  for sex workers and Yahoo boys?

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On a cold Thursday morning, while men were preparing for the day’s work, a certain lady walked out of a black sedan and the world turned upside down.

What she wore could be better seen that described. Both men and women starred with their mouths ajar. Middle-aged men did the sign of the cross and tried to look away but couldn’t. The young men sneered and whispered profanities, licking their lips. Some stretched forward their fingers and beckoned.

The girl ignored all the attention she generated. She went straight to the canteen, bought her meal and returned to the car. The car zoomed off and went through a gate into an estate. The onlookers starred at the letters emblazoned on the gate:

‘Welcome to Chevy view estate’

Located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, and close to the Lekki Conservation Centre and the Victoria Garden City, Chevy-view estate is an upscale housing project, connected to the head office of Chevron, international oil production company.  The estate is home to a couple of rich and upwardly mobile people who find its serene environment pleasant.

It is reported that many celebrities, including popular footballers, Musicians and actors’ own buildings in the estate. Celebs who own property there include Omawunmi, Emmanuel Amuneke, and Funke Akindele. Young billionaire and quiet socialite, Jowi Zaza also lives there.

Today’s Echo gathers that the Chevy view estate is fast becoming the favourite hangout spot for ladies of easy virtue in this part of Lagos. It is a normal thing to see girls in heavy make-up, wearing various forms of skimpy outfits hanging around in the evenings. Sometimes you can even see them in daytime.

One of our sources told us this is due to the presence of many young internet fraudsters, usually called ‘Yahoo Boys’.  It is common these days to see luxury sport cars drive by in the estate with a young man at the wheel. Mercedes Benz is their car of choice, according to an estate resident who describes the lifestyle of the Yahoo boys.

“Sometimes they go outside the estate to pick up the girls and bring them in, but most times the girls come here to meet them. They usually come in Uber taxies. Sometimes, a guy will just pack his car in the afternoon, playing loud music and smooching girls in the car.”

Another resident told us the Yahoo boys and the call girls like hanging out at the Pelican hotel.

“The Yahoo boys love the Pelican hotel very well. The hotel was built by a yahoo boy. There is a huge bar at the topmost floor of the hotel where they hangout and work. Some of them live in the hotel permanently. The girls usually come to meet them there.”

The Pelican hotel is a multi-storey, imposing resort, overlooking the Oakwood Park hotel. The difference between the two hotels is obvious although both look grand. While the Oakwood Park hotel looks serene and exclusive, Pelican seems like a lively hangout. Most of the visitors to Oakwood park seemed the corporate sort while the visitors to Pelican seemed like revellers.

On the evening that Today’s Echo visited the Pelican hotel, a couple of ladies in different forms of skimpy outfit were hanging out outside the hotel. Unlike the prostitutes found in brothels and some parts of the mainland, the ladies here look cleaner and more attractive. We went in and met more ladies. There also several young men, especially at the bar, which is by a swimming pool. The correspondent approached a lady close by. She quickly put on an enthusiastic, plastic smile as we shook hands. She revealed her name as precious. She is also pretty, and one could not doubt that she must have spent a fortune on the clinging gown she wore. How did such a pretty girl get into this.

With a cigarette on one hand and a glass of vodka on the other, Precious told us how she came to Lagos and met a rich Alhaji who took care of her, paid for her school fees and got her an apartment. Two years after giving the Alhaji a baby, he decided to end the relationship. He took back his baby and stopped giving her money, so she had to go back to the streets to fend for herself.

When I asked her how much it would take to have her for the night, she smiled and demanded for N20, 000 naira.

I remembered the story a man working in a company in the estate told me. He said he was driving home when he picked up a girl standing by the roadside. While driving, he struck up a conversation. She was a pretty girl and being a bachelor, he became interested in her. He was somehow surprised but also glad that she seemed attracted to him also. They decided to go to a bar and had a couple of drinks and she ended up in his house. She woke him up in the morning demanding for N15, 000. He had never been more astonished! All the while he had thought they were mutually attracted to each other. For the girl, it was just a business transaction.

I told her that’s half of some people’s salary, but she promised me it would be worth it. I asked if people really pay her up to that amount and she nodded.

“Bros, people have money in this Lagos oh. And they spend it when they want to have a good time. The Yahoo boys sometimes pay more than that.”

I became curious, so I prodded further. “Introduce me to one of them so that I can make enough money to carry a fine girl like you.”

She smiled and pointed to the main hotel building.

“If you want to meet them, they are right there upstairs in the hotel.”

I couldn’t probe her further. I just left her with a smile and proceeded to the reception. I asked for a bar but was directed to the one I was coming from, so I just strolled out, imagining how it must have looked like upstairs.




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