Can a Relationship Survive Without Sex?(opinion)

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In the world today, many things are done that people see as normal. ‘Oh, it’s normal to be a teenager and smoke shisha.’ ‘it’s normal to kiss a boy.’ ‘its normal to send nudes to your boyfriend.’ And now a regular teenaged boy is having a conversation with his friends and they all gasp ‘You mean you’re a virgin?’

It was always normal to marry as a virgin, especially for the ladies, but it seems like people don’t really care about that anymore. Therefore, questions like this come up for those that are concerned. The thing is people just want to have sex these days because their friends talk about it and neglect them in some sort of way. Some girls have gotten used to the norm, they sleep with every guy they date and it’s just normal. Now everyone thinks, if there’s no sex, there can’t be love in the relationship, or the relationship won’t last.

Sex has been known to be the beginning and the end of a relationship, but I believe that should only be in marriage. Answering the question, couples can be fine without sex. Most of our parents lived with it. Relationships shouldn’t be based on pleasure alone but should have its roots in true love and care. They should be able to help with each other’s plans in life, move forward and learn how to fight circumstances together.

But this is a situation depending on who you’re dating. A lot of men are sex-driven while some are not. For both men and women, please make sure you’re dating someone that isn’t using you as a sex machine and wants to grow with you. Please don’t let anyone use you, if you don’t want to have sex before you get married, I believe it’s the right choice. Don’t let your society rule you, it’s a personal decision. Never forget, without consent, it is rape.

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