Buhari Set to Marry Sadia Farouq on Friday, New Rumour Alleges

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SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 10 – Sources in Aso Rock have revealed President Buhari will be getting married in a very quiet ceremony to Sadia Umar Farouq, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management on Friday, a new rumour going round on the internet alleges.

“This has confirmed the suspicions of concerned Nigerians over the continued absence of the current First Lady who has been totally incommunicado since her trip to the UK,” a report by an online news outfit says.

On Thursday, the rumour was a major item on Twitter as the names of president Buhari, First Lady Aisha and Sadia Farouk trend.

The people peddling this rumour say Ms Farouk is a very close friend of Buhari and the Cabals love her.

The rumour further goes like this:

“She has been the mastermind behind all the delicious meals Buhari and the Cabal members have been eating especially during political gatherings such as rallies and campaigns.

“The source also revealed how Buhari enjoys getting massaged by Sadia who is known to be skilled in the art of massage. This is the reason Aisha Buhari who runs a Cosmetic business, was forced to include massage services in  her business recently to regain the heart of her husband.

“When Aisha Buhari discovered President Buhari’s relationship with Sadia Farouq, she kicked heavily against it. She allegedly made confrontations with her husband and pleaded with him to stop.

“Unfortunately, her plea fell on deaf ears as an alleged member of the cabal, Mamma Daura who is Buhari’s Uncle told Aisha to accept her fate as Sadia was there to stay.”

Although the assertions made by this rumour may seem ridiculous, they offer some reason for both Mrs Aisha Buhari’s consistent absence from the limelight and the prominence gained by Sadia Farouk in recent times.

Right after the resumption of his second term, Buhari made Zamfara-born Farouk, who was heading the Nigerian Refugees Commission, into a Minister. He created an entirely new ministry for her; Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management. Furthermore, the president transferred the National Social Investment Programmes(NSIP) which had been under Vice President Osinbajo, to her.

According to Pointblanknews, the pressure to marry Sadia had begun to mount on Buhari when he first won the Presidential Elections in 2015. The alleged Head of the cabal, Mamman Daura had insisted on the idea which was later dropped after several considerations.

“Sadia received her first Ministerial nomination then but she was not considered because of her lack of relevant experience. Instead, she was given an appointment as Head of the Refugee Commission.

“First Lady Aisha Buhari saw a red flag when she got wind of information that Sadia was being nominated a second time after Buhari won the 2019 Presidential elections.”

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