BBnaija: is this show a scam? BamBam’s throwback picture poses questions

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Big Brother Naija is arguably the biggest show in Nigeria right now and the housemates are the most talked about people among Nigerian youths. However, recent revelations show that nepotism may have been involved in the selection of housemates.

The show is in its third edition and it has grown bigger; prize money has been increased to N45million and the housemates have been increased to 20. To get into the house, thousands of Nigerians applied, and 20 were eventually selected in a supposedly complex and thorough process.

The contestants know each other and even many people involved in the process have supported allegations that there was nepotism in the selection of housemates.

The following are pointers to this theory:

  1. The resemblance between housemate Ceec and presenter, Ebuka’s wife Cynthia. This led to the initial rumour that CeeC is Ebuka’s sister in law.
  2. Stories have emerged from the house that Rico and Princess were dating before entering the house
  3. Khloe once revealed that she had known K-Brule for over four years
  4. Alex revealed yesterday that she got pregnant at the age of 16, and her lover was Princess’s brother.
  5. Dee One’s 2016 Instagram post, which revealed he had known T-Boss and Miyonse(from BBnaija 2017) before the show even started.
  6. Lastly, BamBam’s throwback picture, where she took a selfie with Princess, Miyonse and T-Boss, seems to show that she had known Princess and the former housemates prior to last year.

Below are two comments on popular online forum, Nairaland, by viewers reacting to the allegations

And wigs were flying, feet getting crushed, girls collapsing at the audition but they had their housemates picked out already. Shii is fvckin scripted! God punish the organisers!—-

I  tell you, this brings to mind that DeeOne’s 2016 IG Post on this show—-

If those two already knew TBoss and Miyonse by then, who is to say they hadn’t already been picked for this edition back then?

These allegations of nepotism must not be swept under the carpet and the organizers of BBnaija should take them serious and respond effectively so as to prevent loss of confidence by the audience.


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