Apostle Suleman gifts wife ultramodern shopping mall, petrol station and transport company

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Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries has presented attractive gifts to his wife as she marked her birthday. The items included a shopping mall, petrol station and transport company.

Romantic pastor builds wife a shopping mall as birthday gift

This was announced to a church congregation who sent out shouts of joy concerning the generous offer.

“There is a side different from ministry that people do not know.  For those who don’t walk from the side, you don’t know that there is a shopping mall on the side.

“There is a gas station, there is a transport line. If you watch your screen, you will see it now,” says Suleman whose comment ushered in a display of newly built facilities.

“We had an agreement when we got married that I was going to have investments and she will handle the investments while I handle the ministry and she has done that perfectly well.

“I don’t have much to say, I don’t have much to give but I built the shopping mall, the filling station and the transport company as a birthday gift for her,” the pastor told a congregation which cheered loudly upon hearing the announcement.

His wife, Reverend (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman, was captured on her seat as she tried to prevent tears which have formed a cloud in her eyes.

Though a humanly act, the pastor’s generous act is likely to stir reactions concerning the priorities of clergymen who are perceived to be invested in living a luxurious lifestyle.

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