Actress, Georgina Onuoha Pleads With EFCC To Pardon Naira Marley

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Following the arrest and subsequent arraignment in court of Nigeria singer, Naira Marley, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), different prominent Nigerians have been sharing their thoughts and opinions.

The latest to react is Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha who in a lengthy post called on the EFCC to go after corrupt politicians looting Nigeria with the same vigour they have applied in Naira Marley’s case.

Also pleading with the anti-graft agency, the actress urged the EFCC to tamper justice with mercy for the singer who is currently facing 11 count charges on internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo.

This is coming after Naira Marley pleaded not guilty when he was arraigned in court recently and is still held in custody pending his bail application on May 30th.

Onuoha shared: “I don’t know this young man. I believe everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. I condemn any form of crime. I condemn cyber crimes. My family has been victims of frauds and the pain caused is always palpable. That being said, I hope our young men and women will begin to do the needful by speaking up and standing up to their elected officials and demand better governance and accountability so we can eradicate this pandemic “ scam” ravaging our society and image locally and internationally.

“Please guys, the time and talent wasted in cybercrime and other forms of crime can be used well. Nigerian youths deserve better from their government. What happened in Sudan and Arab spring will come to our shores if our elected officials and politicians don’t begin to address the hunger, poverty and joblessness amongst Nigerian youths. I don’t know this young and I pray for him that they tamper justice with mercy.

“@officialefcc , I will be more than glad if you start arresting our politicians who are looting our National treasury this way. I hope you show this same show of force to the cabals causing untold hardship on the Nigerian citizenry. I hope you hold every criminal in Nigeria accountable like this. If you use this amount of security and force on this young man according to your policy and procedures, I hope every politician and public office holders who steal from our treasury will be treated like this, so that equal justice will be served under the law.

“Our society is so corrupt and sadly, the legal system works differently depending on your social-political status.”

It would be recalled that veteran Nigerian singer, Daddy Showkey also recently released a video in which he slammed the EFCC for what he considers a shabby treatment of Naira Marley and also wondered why the same treatment is not meted on corrupt politicians.

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