Abandoned: Oshodi community records losses due to forgotten road projects

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The Alasia, Ladipo community in Sogunle area of Oshodi are certainly not smiling.
Today’s Echo garnered that on February 2018, the state government began, with all amount of enthusiasm, the construction of two linking roads within the community, Oluwani street on the north, linking Bello street to the west.
Three months after, only litters of construction materials happen to be found around the road, as the construction work appeared to have been abandoned.
By this, residents of the community, which houses a former PHCN building, two hospitals, and some educational institutions are then left to their fate, as they faithfully but frightfully negotiate their way through the terrible road filled with the construction debris, and unnegotiable mud.
The obstinate rainy season further worsens the matter for residents of this community, as the consuming muds become more slippery, making the road almost impassable.
The greater frustration is felt by those resident whose homes were substantially or partially pulled down due to the construction.
According to a shoe repairer, who is a resident in the area, they started noticing a gradual slow down of the tempo in construction two months after the work began, and by May 2018, not even the workers, not to talk about the contractor was found anywhere.
He however lamented that the current state of the road is injurious to his business, as “nobody would want to take the risk of walking through this terrible road just to repair shoe. People, especially from other areas now avoid passing this route”
Also, some residents even find it hard coming out of their houses to go out, as the debris proves a stumbling block on their way out to get their daily bread.
One resident, Mrs Taiye Oyeyemi noted that “going out to work is now a major wahala for me, because just stepping out of my house, I meet a difficult terrain walking through the mountainous debris of the road, and then still meet a muddy, slippery, and dirty road out, because PSP people cannot come in”.
Other commercial centres in the area such as saloon, bar, retail stores, tailor shop, amongst others do not find this development funny.
Residents however appeal for government to come to their rescue as soon as possible, as the matter is becoming unbearable.

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