17-year-old girl goes missing on her way to school

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 15 – Victoria Murray, a 17-year-old school girl has been declared missing after her parents realized she never reached her school when she left home two weeks ago.

Sources revealed to Today’s Echo that Victoria, a student of Holy Childs Secondary school in Ikoyi, had left home in Oniru area of Victoria Islands, Lagos at around 7:30 am to board a bus at SandFill to her school. She never got to school, and has now been declared missing by her parents who are currently in trauma.

“This is Victoria Murray. Today marks 2 weeks that she’s been missing. She left home in Oniru to take a bus from SandFill (4 points) to Holy Childs school in Ikoyi. This would have been aroumd 7 -7.30am. She has not been seen since. …HELP please. SHARE and keep SHARING. She can still be found. Every second counts,” a close friend of the family announced.

Victoria is described as 17yrs old , around 6ft tall and light skinned.

Meanwhile, friends and family members have intensified search for the missing school girl with announcements on social media platforms as many people become concerned and fears grow that she may have been kidnapped.

“LET’S TRY TO SAVE ONE!! Our children are not needles that disappear into a haystack..they are not plumes of smoke that dissapear into thin air! They are the joys of our souls and the custodians of the future,” a social media user said on Wednesday with a photo of the missing girl.

“So pls take a moment to just look at her face a few times. Cast your mind back; Were you in the 4 points area around 7-7.30am on the 2nd of May? Or Maybe you saw her in Ikoyi around 8am? Could you have seen her getting on the bus or trying to get away from danger? Did you see anything suspicious?”

Members of the prominent civil advocacy group, Good Citizens Initiative have offered to help spread the word in search of Victoria. The group is also looking to pool volunteers to design posters and go out to ask questions about the missing girl.

At Today’s Echo, our hearts are with Victoria and her parents. Our hope for her and every other children in similar situation are found and reunited with their loved ones.

Meanwhile, this week, Leah Sharibu, a school girl kidnapped by Boko Haram and has been held by the terrorists for over a year, turned 16.


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