Nigerian-American Divine Oduduru Quits College to Start Professional Athletic Career

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 14 – One of the most promising figures in Athletics, Divine Oduduru has announced that he is quitting schooling to focus on building a professional athletics career.

Since joining Texas University of Technology on scholarship, Divine Oduduru has been a huge revelation. As a student-athlete, he’s broken a bunch of records and even managed to set new ones. Now, it looks like his career is really about to take off, as he just announced he’s going professional.

This means that Oduduru will drop out of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) scholarship that got him into Texas Tech in the first place, as the contract restricts him from earning money through commercial deals.

However, this doesn’t mean the athlete will be left out in the rain. In fact, he’s now taking his career to the next level, and we’re talking about huge sponsorship deals. Oduduru’s coach, Wes Kittley, estimates that the Nigerian can earn as much as $500,000 (N180 million) yearly as a professional.

Oduduru is 22 years old, and this is the best time for him to make money in athletics. In 2016, he ran alongside Usain Bolt at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and with this new path, he could become the face of big brands across the world – just like the world’s fastest man.

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