Liverpool win over Roma is like nothing I have ever seen: Lawrenson

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The way Liverpool ripped Roma apart at Anfield was unlike any football I have ever known.

I have thought the same about Premier League champions Manchester City at times this season, in that they have been playing so well that it does not seem real.

Liverpool have put on some brilliant displays in the Champions League before now in 2017-18 but, when I was watching Jurgen Klopp’s side on Tuesday night, I could not comprehend it.

When they went 5-0 up. I was left thinking ‘is this really happening?’

It was just so easy for Liverpool to play through the Italian side and it was totally contrary to what we are used to seeing in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

With my school of thinking – and I have won the European Cup – that normally doesn’t happen at this stage of the competition. It shouldn’t do.

Of course Roma’s two late goals have shifted the momentum slightly, because the game ended on a high note for them, not the Reds.

It also adds a question mark for the second leg at Stadio Olimpico on 2 May.

Despite their recent improvement at the back we are still not absolutely sure about Liverpool defensively and maybe there is a small element of doubt about what happens next.

At the same time, I am thinking that if they get an away goal, it is all over. And you have to fancy Klopp’s side to score in Rome, you really do.

Not only are the Reds the highest scorers in this year’s Champions League, with 44 goals in 11 games, they will be up against a Roma team that has to push on and come at them.

It is very difficult playing a game where you know you need three goals but an away goal will kill you, especially against a team like Liverpool, whose strength is scoring.

How do Roma set themselves up, needing goals, but knowing what Liverpool’s attack can do to them? It is a huge ask for them.

Mohamed Salah’s story is Roy of the Rovers stuff. He is having an absolutely outstanding season and it keeps getting better for him.

He has been in spectacular form for months now, then finds himself in the semi-final of the Champions League and playing against his old club.

I just thought Roma would have him absolutely shackled, but obviously they didn’t. His two goals and two assists were proof of that.

He is part of a front three that is fit and fast and, in his case, in the form of their lives – in fact, Salah is basically on another planet.


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