Lecturer Threatens to Seek Legal Action over Plagiarism Allegation

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SWITZERLAND MAY 27 – A senior academic staff member in Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State, Mr. Matthew Omolade, was suspended by the Rector of the institution, Dr. Adekolawole Edaogbogun over an alleged act of plagiarism.

Omolade has however threatened to seek legal action as he described the allegation as “unsubstantiated”.

Through his lawyer, Mr. Soji Oyetayo, the lecturer addressed a letter to the Registrar of the institution, Mr. Tunji Agboola, insisting that allegations against his client had not been proved, describing the decision to suspend him as a plot to punish him for an undisclosed offence.

Omolade also accused the rector of appointing his son, Mr. Goodness Edaogbogun, without approval by the governing council as a lecturer.

According to him, only the Governing Council was empowered to punish, terminate or issue any letter of interdiction after a fair hearing.

The lecturer demanded that the suspension be reversed or he will seek legal action for redress.

Responding to allegations on behalf of the rector, the Deputy Rector Administration of the polytechnic, Mr. Isiaq Adelabu, said an external assessor discovered that Omolade’s work plagiarized and subjected the work to further scrutiny.

Adelabu said, “When the external assessor alleged that he (Omolade) plagiarized, the assessor went ahead and printed the document he plagiarised and subjected it to an application that checks the percentage of plagiarism and it came out to be 100 percent plagiarised.

 “An investigative committee was commissioned to give him a fair hearing. He was invited and a series of questions were asked. After the investigation, it was revealed that three of his papers were 100 percent plagiarised.

 “It was the recommendation of that committee that was sent to the management and because of COVID-19 the council is not around. It was at that point that the management took the decision to suspend him pending the time the council would meet and take the decision on the report of the investigation committee.”

Speaking on the employment of the rector’s son, Adelabu said Goodness Edaogbogun was qualified for the appointment offered to him by the institution because he already had a master’s degree when he was employed.

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