Good times for Benedict Peters

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…as oil mogul scales up commitment to stakeholders

A wise man once gave an analogy of a boat with two rows of people: At first glance, it has a lot of rowing power. But if they aren’t unified or working together, they won’t go fast or straight. 

As posited above, success is achieved when organisations have an interdependent dynamic relationship with their stakeholders. It might sound like common sense to acknowledge this, but experience has shown that, few people working in management know their key stakeholders and to what extent stakeholders influence the organisation (positively or negatively).

It is by this fact that Nigerian oil and gas giant, Aiteo scaled up its commitment to engaging with various stakeholders, including the government. An indication of this is a special congratulatory gift to president Muhammadu Buhari on his recent victory, which is seen by many as a masterstroke of good gesture.

The goodwill Aiteo espoused during the president’s 76th birthday in December, 2018, was early last week, repeated when a giant cake was presented to congratulate him on his re-election. The gesture was in itself a goodwill that was well-received by the president, who through his smile could not hide his elation as he posed for a photo with Aiteo’s General Manager of Public Affairs and his little nephew.

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As a company looking towards the next frontier, the process of collaboration and consensus building has become pertinent to building positive relationships that will further the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Today’s Echo gathers that Aiteo’s CEO and oil billionaire, Benedict Peters is ready to emerge from the tempest even stronger and has intensified his business and charitable activities, extending good gestures towards government, host communities, investors and competitors.

Aiteo’s operating area is Nembe in Bayelsa State, where the 20 year-old firm runs Oil Mining Lease (OML) 29, one of Nigeria’s largest oil blocks, and the Nembe Creek Trunk Line(NCTL) a major pipeline that carries over 150,000bpd of crude oil to the shore, serving several oil companies plugging into it.

Benedict Peters is currently the biggest financier of Nigerian football and one of the greatest philanthropists in the country, having sponsored the CAF awards, NFF awards and the Aiteo Cup, in addition to sponsoring the NFF, yet has managed to remain self-effacing.

To further engage its operating communities, Aiteo has adopted the Nembe FC football club of Bayelsa, which it has renamed Aiteo-Nembe FC.

Beyond his social investment through his company, Aiteo, Benedict Peters has also stepped up charity work, addressing social and environmental issues in the agricultural sector through the Joseph Agro Foundation, which he set up in July 2014 to tackle chronic unemployment and water shortage.

He has also assisted thousands of internally displaced persons in northern Nigeria while supporting clean water sanitation initiatives in Africa, in partnership with Face Africa, improving the lives of over 25,000 people in rural Liberia.

Besides oil and gas, the billionaire business tycoon is developing other great interests. Inside sources have revealed to Today’s Echo that he has a big surprise coming up that will shock his detractors even further.

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