Football: IFAB Approves Five Team Replacements, Optional VAR Temporarily

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SWITZERLAND MAY, 05 – In an effort to accommodate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has approved a temporary rule change to allow teams to make five substitutions per match

According to the governing body, the rule is aimed at helping players cope with the return from the coronavirus-enforced break.

The association also gave leagues the express permission to temporarily scrap the use of VAR in order to make up for potential delays.

Football’s law-makers agreed to the substitution proposal, put forward by the world governing body FIFA, because of expected fixture congestion over the coming months as various leagues aim to finish their current seasons in a shortened period of time.

To reduce potential stoppages, the rule change stipulates that teams will only be able to make substitutions at three separate times during play, as well as at half-time.

It could come into effect in the Bundesliga when the German top-flight resumes on May 15, but the decision to implement the rule change is at the discretion of each individual league.

That option will remain for any season that is scheduled to finish in 2020, with a review into maintaining the rule change to be carried out at a later date.

In a second, altogether more surprising announcement, IFAB has adjusted its rules on VAR.

Any competitions that have been using Video Assistant Referee technology can temporarily stop doing so should they choose to.

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