COVID-19: House of Reps Seek to Review School Curriculum

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 25 – The House of Representatives Committee on Basic Education and Services has stressed the need to review the school curriculum and align it with current challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This charge was revealed in a letter addressed to the Minister of Education, signed by the committee’s chairman, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere.

He noted that the pandemic had incited the need for relevant new technology in the nation’s school system.

“In view of the fact that the general school system will be greatly impacted henceforth, our committee hopes that the ministry will be in the forefront of developing teaching applications that will contain all subjects offered by pupils/students with a view to promoting online learning.

“Special efforts should be made through existing structures to monitor full compliance with school reopening protocols and produce a bi-weekly report. Those in charge should be required to produce on challenges and best practices.”

The new curriculum they say would be geared towards strengthening the teachings of Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Studies to incorporate good knowledge of infectious diseases.

The committee admonished all public and private schools to sensitize their pupils/students adequately on the dangers of COVID-19 and its attendant consequences, and possible ways of protecting themselves from being infected.

It also implored the minister to order the managements of all public and private schools nationwide to fumigate schools before reopening to protect students from coronavirus.

The minister was lauded by introducing online teaching which, they said, had impacted positively on learning during the lockdown.

The committee, however, noted that the students in rural areas were sidelined due to lack of electricity and internet facilities.

“It is our expectation that a special program would be put in place to expose students in underserved areas to what they missed in the online classes,” they said.

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