Chelsea and Barcelona could face disciplinary action for fans unruly behaviour

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Both Chelsea and Barcelona could be found to have breached Uefa disciplinary regulations during the violence that marred Wednesday’s meeting at the Nou Camp.

Footage emerged on Thursday showing Chelsea fans being struck by baton-wielding security staff as they tried to leave the stadium after Barcelona’s 3-0 victory.

On Wednesday night, Chelsea urged supporters to contact the club with accounts of what had happened, saying it was aware of reports that a number of Chelsea fans were hurt.

Uefa was on Thursday waiting for evidence to be compiled by both sides before deciding what measures to take against the two clubs.

Under the body’s disciplinary regulations, the host club is responsible for order and security both inside and outside the stadium, and is liable for “incidents of any kind”.

However, the regulations also state that Chelsea could be subject to disciplinary measures if their supporters are found to have used provocative messages that are of a “political, ideological, religious or offensive nature”.

In the footage, Chelsea fans can be heard singing chants of “Barcelona, you’ll always be Spain” before security staff appear to have attacked, while other videos show the travelling fans chanting “Español”. Catalonia has been ruled directly from Madrid after it declared independence amid violent scenes during October’s referendum.

Besiktas were charged for “insufficient organisation” over the incident, which caused English referee Michael Oliver to stop play during the second half as the cat hovered by a corner flag. The Turkish club has also been charged with “throwing objects and blocking stairways”.

The cat was overwhelmingly voted as Bayern’s man of the match on the club’s Twitter feed, winning 81 per cent of more than 21,000 votes.

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