Bullet-Proof Window Saves Passengers From Attack by Gunmen on Kaduna-Bound Train

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 19 – Details of Abuja-Kaduna train attack have begun to permeate into the public space, raising a dust into the safety and security of commuting with the train.

Kaduna-bound train conveying hundreds of passengers was on Tuesday attacked at Rijana village en-route its Rigasa destination in Kaduna state.

No injury or casualty was however recorded.

One of the commuters, Olusegun Giwa, who was onboard the attacked coach, said the incident happened around Rijana area, about 70 kilometres to Kaduna town, at about 7:00 PM.

“Our train took off from Idu station, Abuja and headed to Rigasa station in Kaduna.

“The gunshots were fired at our train around Rijana village. Thank God the window glasses of the train are bullet-proof, that was why the bullet could not permeate into the couch.

“All the passengers seized their breath till we reached the Rigasa station. Come and see how people were jubilating for a journey-mercy,” he said.

Recall that Rijana, Katari and Jere villages have become notorious for most of the high-profile kidnappings and armed robberies in the last two years.

Owing to this, travellers, especially important personalities, have devised different methods of evading abduction.

According to reports, high profile politicians and public office holders, including senators and House of Representatives members, now patronise the Kaduna-Abuja train.

However, the rush has over-stretched the coaches and motorists now abandon their posh cars and follow commercial transports.

Investigations show that luxury car owners discovered that they are easy targets for kidnappers so they rather prefer to follow the train or public transport like every ‘ordinary’ Nigerian as a cover-up for security reason.

“They are prepared to endure the hardships that ordinary Nigerians go through daily in public transport on Nigerian roads. That is not all, many of them wear rag-tag clothes as they disguise as poor travellers,” an investigation revealed.

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