Bayelsa Guber : Sylva, Lokpobiri Fight Dirty for APC Ticket

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 13 – As the Bayelsa State gubernatorial election approaches, former governor Timpriye Sylva and Senator Heineken Lokpobiri have gone to war over who wins the ticket for the All Progressives congress.

The war has degenerated into a battle of words with the two politicians throwing mud at each other. In the latest round, Lokpobiri denied reports that Sylva was his godfather

“Timpriye Silva is not my godfather, when I was the Speaker in 1999, Silva was a special assistance to Alamieyeseigha and when I came to the Senate, he became a Governor. I must consider, Silva was in APC before me, he may also have facilitated my appointment as minister, that doesn’t make him my godfather.

In 2007 while he got elected to be governor I got elected to be a Senator in 2011 we work together with him as candidate and with me for Senate, ” Lokpobiri stated in a recent video

Timipreye Sylva fired back at Lokpobiri saying he is suffering from political javelin delinquency.

“It is disrespectful to the hive of political history and a shameful thing to see how zealous some followers can become under their masters, Heineken Lokpobiri is an example of a bad political error for going all out on air to say I ‘Timi-Sylva’ is not his godfather.

And yet he still has good reminiscent memory of how he enjoyed his ministerial appointment which he got through the influence of someone he disclaims not be his godfather.

Heineken Lokpobiri is suffering from ‘political javelin delinquency’ and truly we will want to agree with Timi-Alaibe that Heineken Lokpobiri has the tendency of biting the hand that feeds him and any system that mold him might suffer the consequences.

Lokpobiri is an ingrate that forgets so soon and he will be brought back to reality because he is not the fit for such political moves he emerges to make. However, he should be rest assured that the good people of Bayelsa needs someone with true desire and love to lead them and not a betrayer,” Sylva said

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