The end of APC is predictable: Shehu Sani

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Kaduna Senator and former APC member, Senator Shehu Sani has said that the party cannot last beyond the political lifespan of president Muhammadu Buhari and that the end is predictable.

The senator, who recently defected to the PRP, said this while speaking to Channels Television.

According to Sani, APC has in every possible ways dissappointed not only those who are its members, but has also dissappointed the country.

“It was a party that came with a lot of promises and pledges but it has not been able to dispense justice to even its members You can see the consistent protest in its secretariat.”

Shehu Sani lamented that the party that wants to change the country could not even change itself.

He said he did not consider the fact that he did not leave the APC earlier alongside other senators, a betrayal because he had to consider his people before taking any political step

On what he sees about the APC, he said party cannot last beyond the political lifespan of President Buhari.

“You can see clearly that the party cannot last beyond the political lifespan of Buhari. Buhari remains the heart, soul,
oygen of the party. Everything begins and ends with Buhari and when you have a party like that, the terminal point is predictable”

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