Dr Oludayo: Covenant University Alumni Association issues statement, denounces sexual harassment

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The Covenant University’s Alumni Association has issued an official statement on the school’s recent sex scandal.
This follows the reported resignation of the Registrar of Covenant University, Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo after details emerged that he had made sexual advances to female students.
In the statement, obtained by Today’s Echo, the Alumni condemns every act of sexual harassment and supports the exit of the embattled registrar.
See full statement below:
On behalf of the Covenant University Alumni Association, we bring you greetings and trust that you are sound in health and mind.
The series of events in the past few days have created a boisterous conversation within our community. While we cannot speak for the University, because it has its own defined process and procedure for responding to public commentaries or inquiries, we can clearly state our position on the situation at hand for the purpose of clarity, and to form a guided opinion for members of our amiable Association.
The Association does not propagate personal opinions, neither does it use the collection of it to determine its course of action. You are all subscribed to a solid community, led by responsible persons who must remain accountable for every word it puts out on your behalf. This warrants the utmost care and consideration when addressing matters of such sensitivity, particularly one that speaks to the reputation of the Association and our Alma Mater. This is why we must consult widely and deeply to ensure that any position we take is first to our best interest, then the interest of the University.
In this light, we hereby categorically state that the Covenant University Alumni Association condemns every act of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual exploitation, whether covertly or overtly acted and stated. We believe in the vision of Covenant University and its core values. These values have helped to shape the new generation of leaders we have all become in our various places of assignment. We therefore totally abhor any sexual expression that aims to manipulate and place an unhealthy demand on any student currently undergoing studies at Covenant, or any visiting or resident Alumnus in the University.
Beyond the condemnation of such abhorrent behaviour, our Association is thoroughly committed to eliminating such pernicious personalities from the Covenant Community. We believe all staff of the University hold such positions in trust, and that they will deliver such duty with the highest form of rectitude and sound judgment. We will fight for the total purge of such morally corrupting and vision eroding elements for our Alma Mater. This is our definitive position going forward, and we will be partnering with the University to ensure that we deliver on this and help Covenant preserve its raison d’être.
In the light of this, we plead with every member of this great Alumni Association to kindly moderate our public commentaries, particularly such statements that empower mockery from the grossly ignorant persons who trudge social media. Vulgarity and the spewing of bile comments by members of this Association will only call into question our character as individuals, and then question the “house” we all come from. The moral of this approach is that when expelling thieves from your house, you do not demolish it with the instruments available to you, else you will be exposed to the elements and find no rest.
Covenant University is barely 16 years old and is still laying its foundations as a Global Citadel of Learning. However, see what it has achieved in a short period through an undying commitment to providing a departure from the traditional approaches to education. Perfection is far from her and is only a progressive journey when we join forces to power the established vision and the delivery of it. Make no mistake, a globally acclaimed University is a globally acclaimed certificate in your hands.
The Alumni Executives are available for private conversations where there are major concerns arising from the focal issue here. We do not, by any means, take lightly the opportunity to serve the Association, and we remain committed to delivering a community that works. Great things do take time to build, and we are building with the utmost care. The next few weeks will reveal the amount of labour input that has gone into strengthening this community.
We greatly appreciate every member of this Association that has expressed much concern over the many challenges the University is evolving through. You all deserve the deepest respect. Let us work together and leave such an undeniable mark in the rocks of time, and may our children call us blessed.
This statement is meant for circulation only to Alumni Members and will not be published anywhere else other than this group. Kindly help ensure that we keep it this way. Thank you.

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